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Outline of a case study assignment

In a case study assignment, you will be asked to research and write about a particular topic or issue. You will need to gather information from different sources, formulate your thoughts, and present your findings in a cogent and organized way. Here is an outline of the steps involved in writing a case study:

If you are writing a case study assignment, the following outline will help you develop the structure of your paper.

I. Introduction

  • A. Background information on the company or issue
  • B. What made you decide to study this particular issue?
  • C. What sources did you use to gather information?
  • D. Why is this an important topic?

II. Analysis

  • A. What are the main points of the company or issue?
  • B. How does the company or issue affect the public?
  • C. What has been done to fix/address the problem?

III. Recommendations for Further Study

  • A. What other resources are available on this topic?
  • B. Are there any laws or regulations that should be clarified?
  • C. What changes or reforms should be made to the company or issue?
  • D. What actions should be taken by government officials?
  • E. What suggestions do you have for education or training on this topic?
sample Outline of a case study assignment
Outline of a case study assignment

How to solve a case study – Answers your ‘Solve my Case Study’ Request

You will need:
-A case study
-Copies of the relevant documents (if relevant)
-An outline of the case study
-Papers/notes to help you write the essay

If you are writing a paper on a case study, there are a few things you need before getting started. First, you’ll need a case study to work with. This can be anything from reading the assigned article, to searching the internet for examples, to talking to a professor or friend. Once you have your case study, you’ll need copies of any relevant documents.

This could include financial statements, letters, emails, etc. You’ll also want to have an outline of what you’re going to cover in your essay. This outline will help you plan out your writing and keep track of what topics are being discussed in the case study.

Finally, you’ll need some notes or papers that will help you write your essay. Papers like this might include summaries of key points, quotes from the case study that you want to use in your essay, or information about how the case study relates to other cases or academic theory.

What are some tips for doing a case study?

There are a variety of things to keep in mind when doing a case study. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Make sure your case study is interesting and engaging. If it’s not, your readers may not want to stick around long enough to find out what you have to say.

2. Choose a well-known or successful company or product for your case study. This will give you more credibility and help readers understand the concepts you’re trying to illustrate.

3. Use primary sources whenever possible. This means using documents, interviews, or other data that actually came from the company or product you’re studying. It will make your analysis more credible and help readers see how YOU arrived at the same conclusions as the original source.

4. Be prepared to provide plenty of background information and detail about your analysis process. This will help readers understand why you chose certain conclusions and how they relate to the real-world situation at hand.

5. Keep an eye on grammar and spelling (and don’t rely on spellcheck). Mistakes can distract readers from your message and make it difficult for them to follow along. Plus, guilty looks from your

All you need to Know about Case Study Writing

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A case study is a thorough and in-depth study of an event, scenario, or problem. A good case study comprises two things: one, a problem, incident, situation, event, or scenario involving a person or a particular group of people. Two, the geographical aspect and the time frame. Case studies can be categorized into three broad groups:

  • Single instrumental case study: Here, you choose a problem that is of concern and focus on one specific case.
  • Multiple or collective case study: As the single instrumental case study, you choose one problem of concern. But as the name suggests, you focus on more than one case. 
  • Intrinsic case study: Here, you do not focus on any particular problem. You choose a case that is unique without connecting it to a specific problem, unlike the single and multiple case studies.

Case study assignments can be assigned to individuals or to groups. You must understand why your professor has asked you to write one. Case studies help develop your analytical capabilities, and decision-making ability, and when assigned to a group, it increases cohesion and the student’s active engagement.

Case study assignments require a lot of time, skill, potential, and awareness to be completed. They can prove to be difficult, especially for inexperienced students. That is why it is important to contact our academic writing company for professional help. We know some of the common mistakes that students make when writing their case studies. By highlighting them for you, you will be able to avoid them and improve your case study writing skills for future assignments. The common mistakes include:

  • Insufficient research: Case studies should be based on research and multiple sources of data.
  • Incorrect structure: A good case study should follow the following structure: Introduction, background information, alternatives, solution, and recommendations.
  • Broad research question: Remember that your case study’s objective is to navigate a specific problem and suggest a solution. Therefore, general questions will do more harm to your case study. 
  • Lack of editing: Before submitting your assignment, you must go through your work while checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can also give it to your classmates or friends for proofreading. Another option is seeking our professional academic writing services for editing and proofreading. 
  • Bad time management: One of the most common mistakes that students make is this one. They do not realize that case study writing is a time-consuming process. What happens is that they wait until the last day, and they are in for a rude shock. We advise that you plan your time accordingly and set reasonable deadlines for the completion of specific tasks.
  • Plagiarism:  This refers to the “stealing” of someone’s intellectual property and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can make you fail, get you suspended or worse, get you kicked out of your academic program. To avoid plagiarism, cite correctly, reference, and rephrase. You can also use various tools to check for plagiarism. Another solution is seeking coursework help from us.
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