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Essay Questions and Answers

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How to write an expository essay in 5 simple steps: Complete guide with expository writing tips and examples


How to write an expository essay in 5 simple steps: Complete guide with expository writing tips and examples  1

  1. Come up with the topic. 1
  2. Do background data collection. 1
  3. Plan your essay. 1
  4. Utilize transition sentences. 2
  5. Editing and formatting. 2


Writing an expository essay, you inform the audience of a particular issue but not persuading them to choose a side. Unlike the argumentative essay, the expository is objective and should be written in the third person. There are different expository essays; for example, cause-effect, compare-contrast, and definition- classification essays. Writing these essays, you don’t have to cite your opinions; instead, it’s all about factual information.

5-steps guide on writing an expository essay

1.      Come up with the topic

When choosing your essay’s topic, you should side with a topic you are comfortable and confident researching.  Your topic should be simple for you to collect data and compose it comprehensively. You can start by brainstorming and making a list of areas you would love to discuss. Later, review your list and filter the topics and choose your favorite.

For example; If you want to discuss caffeine use, a good choice would be to talk about the effects of caffeine on sleep quality. That is, “What are the adverse effects of caffeine on sleep quality” – this is a good topic since it isn’t too broad or narrow.

2.      Do background data collection.

Despite how much you are well vested with the topic, you should take time and do background research. Read through different online publications, textbooks or follow video clips to get more facts about your topic. When researching, you realize the themes other researchers revealed in their studies. Additionally, take note of the materials you are going to use for your referencing purpose.

3.      Plan your essay

Now you have your topic and enough background information to make the best essay. You should formulate a plan on how you will present your ideas in the paper. Identify your thesis statement, how many themes you have, and the writing structure.  Define your thesis from the beginning and include the key themes in the body paragraphs. Your expository essay needs to show consistency, clarity, and coherence in the way you present your ideas.  Make a summary of your thoughts in a conclusion paragraph but be keen to avoid repetition.

Expository essays thesis statements should be general. The writer shouldn’t show their stands in the topic they are discussing.

For instance, when you are talking about caffeine use, the thesis would be; the increasing use of caffeine to improve alertness has a significant effect on the user’s sleep quality.

The thesis is clear to your readers that you will be talking about caffeine’s negative effect on user’s sleep quality.

4.      Utilize transition sentences

An expository essay would be containing five paragraphs; introduction, 3- body, and 1- conclusion. Through the body paragraphs, we need to see coherence for a smooth follow. Make use of transition sentences to show guide our readers without confusion. Use However, nevertheless, moreover e.t.c to connect the concepts.

5.      Editing and formatting

After drafting your essay, you need to edit before submitting the final draft. Take a break after writing before starting the editing process. Use your friend’s help when editing. Ask them to read through and note any weird phrases in the essay. Plus, you can use automatic editing tools that detect grammar errors. Make the changes and verify the accuracy of your writing.

With this guide, we believe you are now ready to start your expository essay writing!



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