A Comprehensive Guide to Conducting a Nursing Audit

Introduction Nursing audits are essential in evaluating the quality of patient care provided by nursing staff in healthcare facilities. The purpose of this guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of the nursing audit process and its importance. Ideally, it will also outline the steps involved in conducting a nursing audit, the challenges and considerations that may arise, and its benefits. Definition of a Nursing Audit A nursing audit is a systematic evaluation of the quality of care provided by nursing staff. Specifically, the audit identifies areas of improvement in nursing practice and ensures that nursing care meets the established […]

A Guide to the Web of Causation Theory

You may have heard about the web of causation in your nursing practice or studies. However, you may be unsure of what the term means and its application in nursing. Worry not, for we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you understand the elements of the web of causation and its application in healthcare delivery. Background of the Web of Causation Disease occurrence is a significant factor affecting the community’s well-being. As a result, public health and nursing practice discovered microorganisms that cause diseases and developed the germ theory. However, this theory is only applicable where there is […]

A Guide to Kurt Lewins and Ronald Lippitt Change Theories

Change is one of the inevitable aspects of healthcare. Unfortunately, it is affected by poor planning, unmotivated staff, excessive frequency changes, and poor communication. As a nurse leader, you’re expected to drive organisational change. In this case, change theories may be an effective tool to provide successful and subsequent practice improvement. We have compiled a comprehensive guideline for Kurt Lewin and Ronald Lippitt’s change theories. Read through to identify the main terms of the theories which can help you provide an effective change in your organisation. Kurt Lewin’s Theory This theory is based on a three-stage model; unfreezing-change-refreezing model. Nurses […]

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