Sample Letter of Recommendation mba

The reference letter below is written by a professor in support of a student who is applying to graduate school. This Sample letter of recommendation mba should give you guidance on how to format your sample letter of recommendation mba.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation mba

To Whom It May Concern:

I was Mr. Frank Pelyter professor in the Department of Business Administration at XXX University. Due to his outstanding performance in the university, I am delighted to hear that he is interested in studying for a masters degree in your university, and I am equally delighted to assist him in this process by writing this letter to recommend him to your institution.

Mr. Smith was a great student who immediately made a strong impression in classes. I taught him in the classes Management, Enterprise Policy, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory and Management, and Compared Bias Theory. I quickly noticed that he was an especially motivated student, as he actively participated in discussions and raised questions and issues that showed a devotion to learning. As he progressed, Mr. Smith showed that he had a good mind for business and an ability to think critically when dealing with complex subject matter. Due to his academic background and his performance in the classroom, I consider Mr. Smith to be an ideal candidate for your masters program in Management.

In addition to excelling academically, I found Mr. Smith to be a personal delight in class. He has a unique ability to interact with his classmates, displaying confidence and inquisitive fervor, while inspiring respect and cooperation from his classmates and teachers. I have no doubt that his undergraduate studies have prepared him to study for a masters degree in Management, but I feel that it is his engaging personality and ability to work with others and inspire respect that makes him an especially ideal candidate for your masters program.

In sum, Mr. Smith has been an outstanding student, and I am delighted to encourage and assist him in pursuit of his goals. Studying in your graduate school will help to give him the tools and the international experience that can remove any barriers to future success. I strongly recommend him for entrance to your institution without reservations. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Linda Johnson
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
XX University

Sample Letter of Recommendation mba

Sample Letter of Recommendation mba

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