Importance of local health care system in implementation of evidence based practice

Proper understanding of healthcare system at a local level is crucial when planning an EBP implementation for various reasons. First, implementation of EBP requires various resources from the local level. These resources include human capital and adequate funding.   During implementation of EBP, skilled human resources are essential to provide leadership and the necessary competence. Therefore it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the available human capital at the local level. These include presence of adequate medical personnel such as nurses, physicians and other professionals necessary for successful implementation of EBP at the local level.  Secondly, the organizational structure of the healthcare system at the local level plays a critical role in promoting the implementation of EBP successfully (Bonham, Sommerfeld,   Willging & Aarons, 2014).

Empirical evidence indicates that the willingness of an organization leadership to implement evidence based practice   promotes availability of other critical resources   such as funding, training opportunities and adequate human resources (Green & Tones, 2009). In this regard, it is important to understand the leadership of the healthcare system at the local level to determine its willingness to implement EBP. Thirdly understanding the culture of the healthcare system at the local level is important factor to consider when planning and implementation EBP. Some of important aspects of culture include the organizational norms, such as policies applied in human resources management and traditions of the local communities in which the healthcare system is based.  The cultural factors play an important role in influencing the successful implementation of EBP because it influences the cooperation of the stakeholders in the process (Green & Tones, 2009).

Some of the considerations that I would make in my change project include the involvement of the local community and agencies. Participation of the local community in the change project promotes its successful implementation. This is through the resulting good will which promotes collaboration between the healthcare practitioners and other stakeholders necessary for successful implementation of the anticipated change in the society. Another aspect that I will take into consideration includes the regulatory environment pertaining to the change project. It is important to ensure that the project does not violate the existing laws and regulations, especially those governing people’s health and safety, in addition to their cultural beliefs and norms.

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