Final Reflection Paper

The final reflection paper is a 3-5 pages (double spaced) for this course. Reflect back on what has been discussed over the past 8 weeks and ask yourself if you have changed in any way: practical or theoretical.

Have you changed or grown in any aspect? If so, how? Why?

Do you think differently about anything? If so, what? Why?

Have you grown or changed specifically as a Christian leader during your first semester here at Concordia University Texas? If yes, how so? Why?

Be sure to properly reference readings, experiences, classes, discussions, and any other items from this class or others that have had an impact on you. Often times, our growth experiences are not limited to one instance, but rather built upon each other. Any kind of growth or change through experiences (academic or otherwise) can be used in this paper. Be specific with your examples…”make your case”…speak from your heart as you write this final paper.

Include your greatest moments, your struggles (as you choose to share), and how your views on life have changed or been reaffirmed. You need an introduction and conclusion, and the paper needs to be well-written, with good grammatical structure.

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