How to Select Case Study Topics

A case study is an analysis of people, groups, issues, organizations or events, and an explanation of different complexities surrounding them. To solve these problems and complexities, a case study should possess a recommendation that is supported by evidence. Case study assignments call for students to identify issues in a given scenario and make decisions based on theory and developing knowledge. Case studies are vital since they build your analytical skills, research skills, and communication skills. A crucial step in case study writing is topic selection, a long and arduous effort that involves a lot of research—one that students struggle with, leading to anxiety and stress. Luckily, we offer online writing services to help you with your case study assignment.

Before embarking on your case study writing journey, you need to be aware of the four broad categories of case study topics:

  • Representative cases study: This is the most common type. Representative case studies involve typical and standard examples of a wider category. They are more illustrative and descriptive in nature. They can be done when the process (that your study is examining) is underway.
  • Prototypical case study: Whereas representative case studies focus on present scenarios, prototypical case studies focus on anticipatory ones. These studies give answers to questions that are centered on the future.
  • Deviant case study: These are case studies that focus on uncommon, extraordinary, or strange things, facts, and events.
  • Archetypical cases study: These topics tend to be representative and comparative.

Topics can be selected in three ways: One is where your professor assigns you one. Two is where you are given a list of topics to choose one from, and three is where you get to select one independently. With a broader focus, picking your topic can prove to be difficult. Your case study can be beneficial for any future research that you conduct. It is imperative that you nail your topic as it is what dictates the course of your case study assignment.

We are going to highlight some useful tips on how to select a case study topic.

  1. Talk to your instructor: 
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A common mistake that students make is not talking to their instructor. Your instructor is a professional in your field, and he/she knows what a good case study topic is or entails. Therefore, consult your instructor, ask them questions, and keenly follow their advice. You can also consult with your colleagues on some of the topics they have selected.

  1. Research

By scouring through books, journals, magazines, newspaper articles, and the internet, you may come across a topic of interest. Visit your school library and seek the librarian’s help. Another good place to look is in your notes and the materials your instructor has shared. Your instructor may have shared or mentioned something that you can use as a topic. Even though researching something new is interesting, looking for a topic you already know is advisable. This is because it will help save time in the research process and the case study writing stage. Also, choose an easily researchable topic, one whose information and data you can easily access.

  1. Borrow from your interests

With a pen and paper, write down your interests and associated ideas and thoughts. You can then transform them into topic ideas, which you can then narrow down through more research. Changing your mindset from viewing case study topic selection as burdensome to adventurous is helpful. You can also talk to your relatives, parents about their views on various pertinent issues. This can inform your topic selection.

  1. Seek academic writing help

If you have exhausted all these options and you cannot find a case study topic, it is time you consulted an online writing service. This writing service will select a topic and write you a quality and remarkable case study

  1. Borrow from your past work

You can borrow from your own past essays. Look back at some of the essays you have written and ask yourself if you would like to explore them further and transform them into a remarkable case study.

Below are several examples of case study topics:

Nursing Case Study Topics

  1. Why you need to temper your body.
  2. Chewing gum: for or against.
  3. Study of glucose content in various juices.
  4. Proper nutrition is the basis for a healthy life for the young generation.

Management Case Study Topics

  1. Analysis of the human resources of the enterprise and increase the efficiency of its use.
  2. Analysis of compliance with the goals and objectives of the organization and its staff.
  3. Methods of building personnel management systems.
  4. Organization of innovative changes in the personnel management system
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Psychology Case Study Topics

  1. How human behavior is affected by psychology.
  2. What are the measures taken by experts to determine autism during development?
  3. What is the psychology of autistic children for their un-social behavior?
  4. How does Electra and Oedipus complex develop during the cognitive stages?

Educational Case Study Topics

  1. Challenges that higher education facing in Europe.
  2. Why higher education is not affordable in some countries?
  3. How education gets suppressed under political interference.
  4. Which are the major countries of the world having negative involvement of authorities on education?

Business Case Study Topics

  1. Quality difference in the Production of Samsung and Nokia
  2. Measures that business organizations take for manufacturing of products.
  3. Strategies followed by top Business firms for their flourishing
  4. How is online marketing gearing up the business of the textiles industry?

Marketing Case Study Topics

  1. Review of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign (activities in various areas).
  2. Assessment of the state of the competitive environment of the market (in multiple areas).
  3. Study of the attitude of individual consumers to the firm.
  4. Research of the market of free funds of the population.

Environmental Science Case Study Topics

  1. Heavy metals in school grounds
  2. Study of the effect of road transport emissions on the linear growth of pine
  3. Study of the ecological environment of the dwelling
  4. Impact of emissions from road transport on the vegetation

Applied Physics Case Study Topics

  1. Stellar flares, stellar coronal activity, and stellar wind.
  2. Nanophotonics and quantum optics of nanostructures.
  3. Ultrafast processes and laser-plasma.
  4. Features of the emission of lightning discharge radiation into the ionosphere near the equator.

Economics Case Study Topics

  1. Anatomy of financial bubbles.
  2. Financial pyramids in world history.
  3. The relationship between economics and law: the experience of world history.
  4. Integration processes in the latest world economic history

Education Case Study Topics

  1. STEM education.
  2. How the sequence of school subjects in homework affects the quality of work.
  3. Innovative quality assurance of the educational activity of the university.
  4. The problem of systematizing the scientific terminology of pedagogy.
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