Mental Health Practice Approaches to Mental Health Service Delivery in Australia

Click here and consider this done. Sociology Question One: Write 500 words on where your view of mental illness fits within the orientations described by Mechanic in the latter part of this reading. The reading is in Subject reserve and also in the Resources folder. Articulate what you can learn from other approaches to understanding mental illness to which you do not gravitate. Reference using APA6th. I have provided the Mechanic reading as an attachment. This must be used as a reference source + one other reference source. My view of mental illness fits within the developmental perspective. and is

Health Care Policy-Reform Congressional Letter Assignment

Click here and consider this done. Week 6 Health Care Policy-Reform Congressional Letter Assignment __________________________________________ According to AACN (2010) As nurses you already possess significant expertise regarding the profession, however understanding the issues related to federal policy is key to being an effective advocate(p.8) . In this assignment you will create a letter to a congressman to share your expert *researched policy statement. The US government is divided on the Affordable Care Act and your opinion counts. �Because a member of Congress constituents serve as the boss it is especially important that they hear from nursing  constituents in their district-on

Managing Employment Relations Assessment

Draw on relevant research evidence and organisational practice to produce a report which:Explains the key drivers that are claimed to engender an effective employee engagement strategy and evaluate the extent to which these drivers shape the management of employment relations.1. Introduction (approx. 200/250 words)2. Management of employee relations (approx. 800 words)Analyse and critically evaluate the different theories ‘Unitarism, Pluralism and Radical’ and perspectives on employment relations (include Employer and employee expectations; psychological contract perspective; power, authority and managerial legitimacy; regulation; beneficial constraints; justice and fairness; co-operation and compliance; the contested nature of work; good employment relations)3. Engagement (approx. 800 words)Explain

Employee Relations

Q.1 How influential is the ‘never member’ phenomenon as an explanatory factor underpinning declining trade union membership levels in Britain? Justify your answer with reference to academic theory and empirical evidence.  Q.2 The media covered 2016 UK industrial disputes from the Junior Doctors to the wave of disputes in December.  These disputes were also highlighted and publicised by social media and received critical comments on lack of government intervention in disputes in `essential services`.  Critically evaluate if industrial disputes are critical indicators of employee relations in the UK and how influential such disputes are in the 21st century.   Q.3. Critically evaluate

Proposed Merger of ATT&T and Time Warner

Economics of Organization and Management The purpose of this exercise is to apply the relevant principles, ideas, and concepts covered in this course to the analysis of a real world event or issue. You are required to write a short paper (4-5 pages total) based on the following topic. The report is worth 10% of your final grade. Topic This assignment relates to the recently proposed merger of ATT&T and Time Warner. Read the two articles below AND follow up by reading any relevant material required to answer the questions below in this document. http://time.com/4542040/att-time-warner-merger-clinton-trump/ http://www.reuters.com/article/us-time-warner-m-a-at-t-trump-idUSKBN134293 Issues/Questions to be addressed:  

essay/literature review

Details This assessment is designed to foster learning in relation to the first four unit learning outcomes. Through undertaking this task it is expected that you will be able to: 1. Describe contemporary organisational structures. 2. Explain contemporary people management practices. 3. Outline marketing practices. 4. Explain financial practices. Each student is expected to construct a capability portfolio made up of two essays (1,200 words per essay). Through an analysis of an organisational case students are expected to address a range of key theoretical perspectives on processes and practices that relate to organisational structures, people management, marketing and finance. Students

Information Systems Site Visit

For this assignment, students will choose a person to interview at a facility (clinic or hospital) that utilizes EHRs. Some possibilities include the Informatics Nurse, Risk Manager, Director of Patient Access (Medical Records), Director of Pharmacy Services, Manager or Director of Billing, or Chief Nursing Officer. Choose a focus for the interview from one of the following main topics: • Medication reconciliation and medication administration safety – Pharmacy Director • Bridging the gap between Nursing and Informatics – Informatics Nurse • Behind the scenes – what does it take to keep a paperless facility running smoothly on the EHR –

Marketing Management

Part 1, Create a management dashboard (graphs, charts, tables etc), A4 or A3 in size, that includes the key marketing performance elements? (1,000 word equivalent) Part 2, How does your management dashboard help to inform Strategic decision making? (1,400 words) Please Note: the Dashboard is to demonstrate your selection of elements and how you would display those elements to support performance management. You DO NOT have to include real data in your graphical displays. Areas for consideration: Approx. % Effort / Focus Market Shares & Market Forecasts 5% Routes to market 5% Customers/segmentation 25% Competitors 15% Brand and brand equity

Book Review: Children Of Dust

consider the contemporary expressions of these faiths and to reflect upon their relevance to your own and our collective societal experience–To consider how central teachings, principals and practices of these faith traditions could be introduced and implemented into your own life, experience and American culture so as to lend to your personal and our collective edification. In light of the above description from our course syllabus, your review of Ali Eteraz’s book, Children of the Dust, ought to consider the following: How journey is a common motif in spiritual writings—Eteraz’s journey from childhood to adulthood and from Pakistan to the

The role of WTO in contemporary global trade relations.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the evolution of international trade was marked by the tension between two apparently contradictory trends: on the one hand, the growing liberalization of trade (Free Trade); on the other, a variety of governments’ projects to set up trading blocs (Protectionism).  The most important of these trading areas is the European Union, but the apparent trend toward regionalization of the world economy was present in other areas of the world, as exemplified by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), MERCOSUR, and the Asian Pacific Economic Council (APEC).  These trends, together with persistent protectionist practices throughout

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