I’m stuck on a Communications question and need an explanation.

You will be working on assignment 3 please . i have also attached the previous one so it can be linked. please be careful as the last assignment had 17 percent plagiarism

Yours will be part 3.

For your third report describe how your industry sector is depicted by mass media, in Canada and elsewhere. Mass media’s influence is enormous, or course, in determining public opinion and capital investment.


  • Explain the topic and some background (include why you’ve chosen this topic). (reports1)
  • Describe the role these issues play in your industry’s / organization’s competitive environment. (reports2 – 5)
  • Describe the sources of information you used. (reports1 – 5)
  • Use examples (incidents, websites, journalism, digital media platforms/utilities) to demonstrate how these issues have made an impact on your industry / organization. (reports2 – 5)
  • Include visual elements: Headings, lists (where applicable), and graphics (where appropriate). (reports1 – 5)
  • APA
  • 5 Pages double spaced

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