You are standing by the water cooler discussing with a colleague the latest instance of ethical misconduct just reported in the media. Examples of personal unethical behavior abound: corporate executives doing insider trading, school administrators siphoning money for personal use, and clergymen sexually abusing young altar boys. Your coworker asks you,
* “To what extent has individual ethical misconduct become so commonplace in our society that it is no longer shocking?
* What impact might this erosion in ethics have on such behavior in the health care industry?” Address her questions fully

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Current media has spotlighted the unethical behavior of people from all places and jobs. The places we formerly considered most safe, churches and schools, now are constantly in the news. Teachers, principles, students, preachers, and priest have all been caught in unethical situations. Famous business persons have been caught cheating and stealing and people our youngest look up to have been …………….

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