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Write 1 full page discussion on The Presidency. 500 words

For this discussion board, each of you will ask the question. There is an art to asking a truly good question: a question that makes one wonder, think, perform some research, and analyze what one discovers. A good question piques the curiosity of those being asked. Here is how you should go about crafting your initial thread:

1. Read through The Presidency from outside source.

2. Find a topic therein that actually interests you in some way.

3. Read more outside of the textbook to develop a better understanding of the issue.

4. Ask the class a question – your thread must include some context and your sources for classmates to dig deeper. The question you ask must empower the student who answers to do a little research, to think critically, and to incorporate their own opinion.

Once you have written up and asked a good question, you will need to answer a classmate’s question. The sooner you post these, the sooner everyone can get working on them. Even if you don’t feel the author drew out your research or your opinion, make sure you answer using both, and a healthy measure of thought and critical evaluation of the topic.

You will not be able to see the questions of other students until you have submitted your original posting.


  • You cannot get an A on this assignment unless all key arguments, facts, assertions and claims in both your primary and reply posts are substantively supported with high quality research citations.
  • Always identify sources with both MLA in-text (parenthetical) citations and references (in a Works Cited section at the end of your posting).
  • The minimum writing requirement must be met and exceeded using your own words (do not include cited information in your word count).
  • Don’t forget to include your word count!
  • Both the original and reply post must be submitted by the assignment due date in order to receive any credit for this assignment.]

All submissions are checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. Plagiarized submissions will result in an automatic zero for the course.

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