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Using the Case Study Analysis Format:

In this case you will read (below) in the attachment about the mobile phone maker BlackBerry. Their device, using the text craze, and the security features of the phone, was very popular among working professionals. It was also very popular with non-professionals as a personal mobile device. The device had many competitors that were mentioned in the case. Creating and implementing an effective strategy involves using the analysis tools present in chapter 6. This holds true for any business, whether they are in the start-up phase or the maturity phase, or in this case, the survival and turnaround phase. It is even more important for businesses that must seek to continually innovate to remain competitive in an ever-changing technical world.

It is not certain if Chen’s strategy team should put forward a cost leadership strategic alternative or if they should concentrate on some kind of differentiation strategy.

Utilizing the Case Study Analysis Format as an organizing tool, perform a SWOT analysis and consider and discuss Porter’s Five Industry Forces, (Exhibit 5.7 – page 100 in text) as possibly the next step in the strategic development process. What strategy does your team think is most beneficial at this time in BlackBerry’s strategic planning?

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