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Please conduct the following activity located at the following address:

What to do
1. Look at the visualizations by clicking on the images below. You can choose to open the visualization in a NEW tab or window (we recommend this) or view it in a pop-up window if you prefer to stay on this page. Some are interactive (i) and some are static (s).
2. Place the images on the grid. When you’ve looked at one, go to the grid and position the image according to whether you liked or didn’t like and learned or didn’t learn something from the visualization (‘learning something’ could also mean confirming something you already knew). Only place the visualizations that you have looked at onto the grid. Click SUBMIT.
3. Compare your views with others. You can compare your responses to the visualizations with those of others, by clicking COMPARE.

Choose three of your favorite visualizations. Post a 3 – 5 sentence summary of why you chose the visualizations. What caught your attention? Were they effective in presenting the provided data? If possible, explain how you would you do to improve the visualization?
Words: 400; 2 APA References


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