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Read Mother Tongue by Tan and Watch The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and write an essay. Your essay should have an original title, use 12 pt Times New Roman Font, and be double spaced. This essay will be approximately 4 pages in MLA format.

The first paragraph should include:

  1. Hook: to catch the reader’s attention
  2. Brief context (background information) of the obstacle
  3. Introduce sources (2) title, author
    1. Summarize (1-2 sentence)
  4. Thesis statement: (what is the obstacle, significance and the impact) one sentence.

After, you should write 4 body paragraphs:

  • BODY 1: What types of obstacle(s) did the author face (language, culture, family, ect)?
  • BODY 2: How do the authors represent that obstacle?
  • BODY 3: Why is this representation significant?
  • BODY 4: How are their lives changed/influenced by the obstacle described?

Below is the format in which the body paragraphs should be in.

  1. Topic sentence: what is main idea of the paragraph.
  2. context (background, support)
  3. Set up the quote: (last name, signal phrase)
  4. Quote (at least one in each paragraph) 4 lines or less
  5. Analysis (explain the quote in your own words and connect to thesis) longer than your quote.
  6. Closing/transitional statement: end this paragraph and some insight for the next paragraph, connect this topic to next paragraph


  1. Restate the thesis statement in different words
  2. Summarize main points on what you wrote
  3. Take away of the obstacles for the authors


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