Write this paper in three parts:

1. A: Analysis (Pre-Training). Refer to CH3 in the book. Needs Assessment

a. OrganizationWhy do they need this training

b. PeopleWho is the trainee

c. TaskWhat will be included in the training (Training content)

2. D: Design (Training Event). Refer to CH5. Program Design

3. D: Development. Refer to CH7. Traditional Training Methods

Book: Employee Training and Development   (Attached file)


Interviewees back ground:

Eric is the principle Engineer in the Boston Scientific in Maple Grove in Minnesota. He is leading a data science team, which is built in a month ago. His job is to organize some data analysis related training to the other employees in all departments of company. He has complete several python trainings for the whole company.


Before the training, he will send out a survey to collect what the trainees want to learn from the training and why do they need such training( 1.b &1.a), then Eric needs to analyze the training and think how to organize the training.


During the one-day-long training, he will cover all the desired aspects, and use some case or example to do this training.

1. Presentation Methods (CH7)

a. Lecture training. Using PPT to teach about how to use python

2. Hands-on Methods

a. Its s on-the job traning

b. Use case studies. Using some example to teach some pythons skills

3. Group methods

a. Organize some groups, and assign some assignment for groups members to do


After the training, he will use Survey Monkey to do the post training survey, asking how do those trainees think about their training, any comments related to the training, any suggestions, etc

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