You are required to write a report of 3,000 words which provides a critical evaluation of a retail impact assessment report, a transport assessment report, or an ecological assessment report.

You should examine and discuss the strengths and weakness of the chosen report/study, and include in your paper:
a. A discussion of the debates about the use of evidence in planning
b. A brief discussion of the planning policies relevant to the study
c. An explanation of the methodological approach used in the study and its strengths and weaknesses
d. A critical evaluation of the methodology and interpretation of evidence used in the chosen study. Issues you could examine include: does the methodology follow best practice? Is the primary and secondary data collected adequate? Are the assumptions reasonable? Do the conclusions flow from the evidence?

You should support your arguments, wherever possible, using the general literature on the use of evidence in planning, and specific technical documents relevant to the report you have chosen to study.

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