There are many models, theories and applications for crisis management. Some of these include:
1. A Crisis Management Model
2. Business Continuity Planning
3. Crisis Emergency Management Planning
4. Crisis Leadership
5. Contingency Planning
6. Diffusion of innovation theory
7. Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
8. Roles of apologies in crisis Management
9. Social Media and Crisis Management
10. Structural-functional system theory
11. Unequal human capital theory

From the list included, select number 7 and 3 others, and briefly describe each. Indicate which of these, in your opinion, are of the most important. Justify your answers.
Discuss how would these be incorporated into a crisis management program and what step(s) that each would be applied in the FEMA planning system (Program Management, Planning, Implementation, Testing and Exercises, or Program Improvement)?

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Crisis Emergency Management Planning

In reference to any business or organization, it’s vital to ensure that the emergency management planning during any crisis is in accordance with the business needs of the company wherein the company must identify those who will be in charge of specific roles throughout the management process. Taking ownership of the crisis is the most important facet of the crisis emergency management planning phase in which there must be clear and concise leadership by members of the organization with defined and specified roles throughout the organization.

Contingency Planning

This is one of the most vital areas of concern during any crisis, which …

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