Each student will focus on a particular issue of psychoanalytic theory or clinical practice. Using the PEP Archive, students will research ways in which this issue has been approached in psychoanalytic theory and practice (using at least three articles in addition to those studied for this course). Students will write a 6-8 paper (not including title page and references) in which they synthesize their research and then critically evaluate it in light of the material studied in this course, as well as sharing their own reflections.

Possible topics include but are not limited to the following: maintaining boundaries; time; money/fee; self-disclosure; advice-giving; use of touch; working with a particular diagnosis/defense/anxiety/behavior; acting out; enactments; dream analysis; termination; supervision; as well as topics discussed in class. Topics must be approved by instructor.

Please note that post-graduate level writing in APA style is expected and will be included in the grading criteria. If the student feels s/he may need assistance in this area, the instructor encourages him or her to make use of the National Center for Academic & Dissertation Excellence (NCADE). For more information, please refer to rubric at the end of this document or in Canvas assignments.


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