Religion and culture critical analysis, as described below:

Take a film (Anthony Quinn’s “the message” about the life of Muhammad and explore the ways in which religion, culture, and one or more of the following intersect (gender, sexualities, race, whiteness, postcolonialism). Discuss this with relation to both the content, medium, and reading/experience of the subject (i.e., the cultural product) being discussed and also with reference to theories and writers discussed in the course. Keep in mind that this task is not about exploring a particular theology (or way of thinking about faith) within the cultural ‘text’, but is primarily to explore how representations/assumptions/ categories/ideas of (what is seen as) religion intersect with other categories within a specific cultural context.

Issues you should try to address are: How is religion (or forms of religion) presented, experienced, dramatised? How does this relate to portrayals of gender, sexuality, and/or race? What does the intention of the artist appear to be? Are there any problems with the portrayals of any of these categories (e.g., religion, race, gender, or sexuality), and if so what? What is your particular reading of how these issues work (or do not work) in the subject you are analysing?

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