Essay title: ‘For service employees, the performance of emotional labour is more demanding than aesthetic labour’. Discuss.


Please make sure the essay shows evidence demonstrating a thorough understanding of theory relating to the topic area. The work should exhibit a critical analysis of the subject matter by drawing on empirical accounts and relevant examples.

This essay requires research, critical analysis and synthesis of information.

– The essay should include a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of contemporary Human Resource Management (HRM). A demonstration of critical evaluation relating to the theoretical positions considered. Thorough understanding of the conceptual and / or empirical issues covered in relation to HRM practices and HRM systems.


– It should also show accurate and clear accounts of the theoretical positions reviewed. Extensive range of sources used appropriately and selected specifically to address the chosen topic. Please make sure  the essay is excellently structured, tightly focused, and well written essay. Compelling arguments made. Very well illustrated with relevant examples. 

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