You should discuss the following leadership style and theories:

tranformational, transactional, democratic, laize-ferra, autocratic, coaching, situational.

A 4600 word essay that requires the student to examine the implications of the leadership style of a role model in practice

Your assignment should include; 

– Introduction: Present an introduction that explains how you chose the role model and his/her leadership style in practice. Give the context of the leadership theory/style and comment on its relevance; 

– Issue analysis: Give a reflective discussion that indicates your understanding of the complexity of the chosen leadership theory/style in terms of its nature, multidimensional aspects and impacts; 

– Theoretical Analysis and Evaluation: Give a reflective discussion that indicates your familiarity with the leadership theory that allows you to gain a deeper perspective of your chosen leadership style; ASSESSMENT (ESSAY) 

– Conclusion: Present a conclusion that summaries your reflective discussions and its implications for Practice. Also give a summary of your own personal development with regards to having completed this course and undertaken the assignment.

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