the importance of canadarm

The Shuttle’s Canadian kook to space for roughly 30 years of successful missions until the technology was finally outdated. Along with the Space Shuttle program after mission SST-1 35, this set the robotic arm for its 90th flight on July 2011. The arm’s legacy lives on, as though it is gone, it still today has given Canada a good reputation as well as it gaining bonds with NASA and SIS (international space station).

Canadian 2 had to big expectations although defiantly met them, as they made vast improvements like increasing the joint rotation, stronger lid, and is even able to be repaired on space. However these are just a fraction of the improvements made, however what kind of impact did this arm leave on Canadians and even the world. Canadian 2 has created an even stronger bond with the SIS and Canada’s space program, proving further that it wasn’t a fluke and Canada has technology to offer in space. Canadian 2 is a lot more complex and IS a lot more efficient justifying its place in the SIS permanently.

As mentioned earlier it can be repaired in space and do tricky ask, sought out to be technology ahead of its time. The arm itself can act like an “inchworm” helping to move heavy objects, and even help astronauts move in space, at an efficient rate therefore being a very important machine in the SIS, and proving is rightful existence there as well. As you can see Canada’s arm 1 and 2, were both very important and were landmarks in space technology not only in Canada but the whole world, but what made Canada’s so special.

As there were other space arms however Canada’s med to shine above all simply because Canada devoted more effort, money and time into it, more so than any other country into this technology. So in conclusion the Canadian 1 creating a strong bond with the NASA, and later the much improved Canadian 2 creating even stronger bonds with the SIS and NASA, both resemble Canada’s dedication and contribution to technological advancements in space and in even in general, and would be a shame if you as a Canadian didn’t know about it.

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