The health care environment is fluid. Changes are a constant in this complex melieu. Good management is critical to a successful healthcare organization as is leadership. Although the terms have distinct characteristics, the literature states that the ideal would be a combination of managerial and leadership qualities (Rothbauer-Vanish, 2009). After review of the literature, a clear picture of those managerial and leadership qualities will emerge. Some theorists suggest that a combination of these roles is advantageous (Rothbauer-Vanish, 2009).

Take a position on the notion that a person can be a manager and leader. Do you think the responsibilities and expectations of each position will be complimentary or not? Please provide references and 250+ words.


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Managing and leading are really two distinctly different functions, each requiring specific skills, both necessary for the success of any enterprise.
Individuals who manage the work, ensure that value is created for the company, focusing on the effective and efficient production of the goods or services created and sold by the company. Managers wield a degree of power over their subordinates in that they can …

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