Structure of paper :
– choose better Title
1- Abstract . around 150 words
2- Introduction ( • Why the area is interesting, What the problem is, What else has been done, Why your work is new and Your aim) ( around 500 words)
3- Method (Allow others to replicate your study, Past tense, Chronological order , Reference a published paper, Ethics approval and Informed consent) ( From 400 – 500 words) * For method you can take the method from ethics answer but the doctor send this message explain the method(( (The method for randomisation was as follows:
There were 75 ‘tastes’ in total i.e., 5 people, 5 brands, 3 replicates. The names of the testers (each one 15 times) and the names of the coffees (each one 15 times) were put in individual cells in the same columns. Then I used the RAND function to get Excel to generate 75 random numbers in another column. I then sorted the data by these random numbers and deleted them.

This means that not everyone got three tastes of the same coffee. For example, if you sort the data in Excel on the ‘brand’ column you can see that Dr Morrison tried Artisan Roast only twice and Rachel tried it five times. You will need to update your methods section, but you can mention in your discussion on bias that an additional step was added to randomise the coffees, which is important given that the design of the study had been revealed to the testers)))

4- Results ( Graph and Tables from excel sheet and I hope if you make from that excel sheet more graph and tables and I can pay for it)
5- Discussion (Explain the meaning of your results, Set your results in a bigger picture, Do they differ to previous work? , Try to explain any outliers or unexpected
results, Give any limitation) (around 300-400 words).
6- Conclusion (150 words)

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