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The intent of the assignment is to create 2 ethical case studies. not real ones. they had to include something with technology. It could be about people falsifying the resume; it could be about disclosing information but you were to create some type of case study.

  • Identify 2 potential events that involve a technical issue and ethics – explain the event and the ethical issue.
  • Explain both sides of the issue and why it is an ethical issue.
  • Explain what you would do if placed in the ethical dilemma?


Write a page on the technology behind the darkweb that can anonymize user identities and actions


Write a two page narrative and include an additional 2 pages for screenshots for the following assignment:

  • Gather information on mit.edu. Go to https://lookup.icann.org/, virustotal.com, whois.net or other publicly available sources. What intelligence and footprinting information can be obtained from these sites? How can a hacker use this information to perform reconnaissance on the target system?

2. Download nmap (and zenmap for the user interface). Run a full TCP scan (use the -ST option) on your computer or test system. What ports are opened? Choose three ports or services and discuss if they are needed.


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