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Johnson & Christenson gave us a little more theoretical and practical background on the art of building a foundation for a study – by writing clear, answerable research questions and constructing useful conceptual and theoretical frameworks from prior research and literature. Now, I’d like you to try your hand at applying some of that knowledge by returning to one of the articles we discussed earlier in the week: Figlio & Karbownik or Rutledge, et. al.

Choose one of those articles and:

1.) Based on your reading of the study, write the research questions that you think the authors are investigating – be sure to compose questions that meet the criteria that we’ve outlined in the course.

2.) In 3-4 paragraphs, describe how the review offered by the authors helps you to better understand the questions they are answering, and what we know about the phenomena, relationship, or situation under investigation. In addition, articulate whether or not you feel the authors sufficiently answer those research questions, and why.

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