Explain how you will know about the legislation affecting schools.


a) This needs to be a summary of each piece of legislation that affects the work of schools you should include the following – 

• The Data Protection Act 1998

• UN Conventions on Rights of the Child 1989

• Education Act 

• The Children’s Act

• Every Child Matters

• Freedom of information Act 2000

• Human rights Act 1998

• Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001

• Equality Act 2010


b) You can include this in part A or complete this separately. You should include examples of how each piece of legislation affects the work of schools. Approx.50 words per example.


c) Explain the roles of regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector.

Provide a detailed explanation of the following roles – 

• The Health and Safety Executive

• Ofsted

• The NCTL

• The independent schools council


Use approx. 100 words for each role.


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