Although malaria’s incidence and mortality rates continue to decline, it remains a common disease amongst poverty. It is an extremely challenging disease to eradicate and continues to be a global health concern. “At the end of the 20th century, about 3 million people died every year from malaria” (Owens, 2015, p.s53). Most of these deaths occurred in African children who lived in poverty. It is extremely sad how so many people have died from a preventable and treatable disease (Owens, 2015, p.s56). Raising awareness about this disease and increasing the global funding to aid in the eradication of malaria must be prioritized, as millions of lives can be saved worldwide every year. The task at hand is a tough one and will only be achieved if the aid includes political support, international advocacy, and multiagency funding (Owens, 2015, p.s53).

Working with an organization such as the U.S. Agency for International Development can certainly help make a difference in the eradication of malaria at an international level as they focus on saving lives and reducing poverty levels worldwide. The United States government collaborates with not-for-profit, public and private organizations to help with funding, resources and make enormous accomplishments worldwide. They collaborate with multiple agencies to help eradicate this disease such as; the Medicines for Malaria Venture where they are researching and developing antimalarial drug treatments and have actively distributed over 300 million pediatric treatments worldwide (U.S. Agency for International Development, 2019). The Innovative Vector Control Consortium whose partnership assists in developing scientific solutions to help develop new insecticides to help control the spread of malaria and other diseases transmitted by insects.

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