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Identify THREE papers related to this topics

Topic 1 : Cybersecurity and the Solicitation (Small Business, Proposal Draft etc.)

Topic 2: Competing for Cybersecurity Contracts

Topic 3: Inserting Cybersecurity in Requirements

EACH publication, white-paper, or report must:

  • Be an academic peer-reviewed research publication (from a credible research source) such as Scopus, IEEE Xplore etc. or a white paper/report from a high-profile organization – Check Marymount Library for access to academic resources and services.
  • Be no more than 2 years old – So it must be published on or after January 01, 2018

Your submission must:

  • Reflect this week’s lecture topic.
  • Summarize the identified publication, white-paper, or report from end to end highlighting key points.
  • Be between 350 – 400 words (excluding images, and paper citation), following the format presented in the Topic Summary – Review Paper Format. Format is available in Week 1 – Kick-Off Module under resources.
  • Not be a copy and paste. I will upload your paper to Turnitin before grading. If your paper is above 10% similarity index it will automatically receive a 0 grade. – You have access to Turnitin. Use the Turnitin credentials (provided in Week 1 – Module 1 Resources) to access the class/module space.
  • Be uploaded to Canvas in Word document .docx format by the final due date
  • Be Typo and grammar-error free.

Important: for each paper, deliver a separate summary and follow the format exactly (Same subheadings). (Your must deliver 3 files) I have uploaded the format and an example of a previous work.


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