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Objective: This assignment focuses on civil liberties and will help you better understand the Bill of Rights, the current civil rights/liberties issues in the Courts, and the test questions. Task: Find/research one major court case, preferably a Supreme Court case per each amendment in your assigned letter group. Do NOT use a case listed in your textbook. Please make every effort to focus on recent cases from 2000 onward so that we can be better informed of events relevant to today. If you are unable to find a recent case, then revert back to an older ‘landmark’ case. There is no expectation that you will read case files (unless of personal interest). Rather, you can use any credible source that summarizes cases in laypersons’ words (i.e. You may want to google ‘landmark Supreme Court case amendment xxx’ or ‘recent Supreme Court case amendment yyy’ to rapidly narrow your search. Please use the list below to ascertain your amendment assignment based on the first initials of your last name: • Students with last name A Amendments 1 religion and 1 speech • Students with last name B – C Amendment 1 assembly & press • Students with last name D – G Amendments 4 and 1 assembly • Students with last name H – K Amendments 5 and 1 • Students with last name M Amendments 6 and 1 • Students with last name N – Sha Amendments 8 and 1 • Students with last name Sis – Z Amendment 9 or 10 and DUE OUTS: 1. After finding your cases, write- up IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and submit answers to the following: a. The name of your case and year b. The basics of the case c. The ruling given by the Supreme Court and their reason d. Your sources 2. Expectation is approximately 1-2 paragraphs per case, but no more than half-page per case.


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