Subject is 3-DNA baby

Please be very careful about the poster and I need it in Microsoft document. Please follow the steps as listed below and be very organize about the (Abstract, Information, illustrations, References, and Work cited) please be write each one in a different paper and be organize as much as you can.

You must thoroughly investigate your topic, which will require you to research books from the library and

information available on the internet (choose reputable websites). You must use at least five resources, none of which can be a textbook, Wikipedia, Encarta (or similar computer encyclopedia) or an encyclopedia.

Poster Format: (Posters from previous semesters are available for you to examine)


    • A brief summary (one paragraph) of the topics covered in the poster. It is an abbreviated version of your poster.
    • Do not write it as a guide or introduction.
    • It should be no more than 150 words.
    • Place it at the beginning of the poster and label it “Abstract”.


    • Your topic should be divided into logical sub-topics(4 – 6).
    • Each subtopic should be on a single sheet of paper (or two sheets glued together to look like one) and should have a Bold-typed subtitle.
    • Cut the page to fit the text with even margins on top, bottom and sides.
    • Do not stack sheets of paper requiring the reader to lift pages to read others.
    • Your information can include background material, but should include current information as well.
    • Each page should include references indicating where the information was obtained.
    • Everything should be written in your own words (!!!!!!!!!!!) in paragraph format.
    • Each topic should be discussed at a college-level of detail using vocabulary that can be understood by your peers.
    • You will print a second copy of these subtopics to hand to your instructor for review on the day of the presentation. You will also upload this text to Safe Assign on Blackboard to check for plagiarism.


    • Photocopy, download, or create your own original charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
    • You should have at least 3 illustrations.
    • Write your own explanatory figure captions for your each of your illustrations. This is separate from your subtopics. The caption should fully explain what is pictured (even if you think it is obvious) and how it relates to your topic.
    • You must include a reference for each of your illustrations.


    • The source(s) of your information need(s) to be cited in every subtopic. It is permissible to cite the reference(s) at the bottom of each subtopic as opposed to within the text of your subtopic.
    • Sources of illustrations need to be cited (or credited) as well in each caption.
    • Format for citations is APA (author, year) meaning that you list in parentheses the last name of the author, a comma and then the year the article or book was published. More information can be found here:…
      Example: Over 400 major earthquakes occurred on the seamount Loihi in 1989 (Smith, 1990).
    • When citing an internet source, use the title of the webpage, not the entire URL and the date the web page was last updated. If no date is available, include the date you accessed the page.
      Example: 20,000 fish died in 1986 (, 4/19/09)
    • Include a Literature Cited section (see below)
    • Use references from Internet sources, but choose sources that are reliable (not a person’s homepage).

Work Cited:

* Do not include references that were not cited in your poster.

* Arrange the sources alphabetically by author and/or website title; do not number them.

* Use APA Citation style.

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