See the attached sample business report. Must be no less than 3000 words and follows the sample business report formula.

If possible I want the topic to be about an invention related to video games business. for example like opening up a place for e-learning using videogames like a Minecraft learning center for children and adults alike in Plymouth or the UK in general. Or a center for competitive e-sport challenges with games like Overwatch, League of Legends etc. Of course per requirement they must all have something new, something that makes them unique and stand out in the paper and against the competition. For example anyone can open or write a topic about a restaurant business but it must offer something new to make it worthwhile.

Other requirements perhaps not mentioned in the PDF file:

“Decide on the company name and logo”

Professor mentioned it on his lecture note. Name is easy but I’m not familiar with making logos.

Of course if you can’t make the topic about videogames business please at least tell me what’s the subject gonna be before you proceed.


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