State Practice Agreements

This week you will have an opportunity to evaluate state practice agreements in your state and examine issues related to NP practice.

To prepare:

Review practice agreements in your state (STATE OF GEORGIA)

Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in your state


Post 2 pages paper on brief description of the practice agreements for NPs in your state (Georgia) and the two physician collaboration issues that you identified. Explain what you think are the barriers to NPs practicing independently in your state. Finally, outline a plan for how you might address NP practice issues in your state.

NOTE: I have attached sample paper as a quide only, please do not copy sample paper.


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Nurse practitioners’ role in primary care is PLACE ORDER FOR COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER , and, in many states, nurse practitioners practice independently. PLACE ORDER FOR COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER practice agreements  enable pharmacists to work with prescribers more PLACE ORDER FOR COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER . Pharmacists’ and nurse practitioners’ scope-of-practice laws and regulations may prevent CPAs between PLACE ORDER FOR COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER and nurse practitioners. State pharmacy practice acts were reviewed to demonstrate which states allow for PLACE ORDER FOR COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER under a CPA……………………


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