You will need to utilized attached file of Stage 1 vs. stage 2 comparison table. This is the reference that you will need to complete this assignment.


Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use Standards details how the standards developed by Medicare and Medicaid (and adopted by private insurance companies) detail the governmental push to have all health care facilities connected to a national and international electronic record database by 2014.

Part 2 tasks:

As a health care facility manager, complete your presentation with a section defending your position for implementing an electronic records system within your facility.

Visit this government Web site, and click on the PDF titled Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 Comparison Table for Eligible Hospitals and CAHs.

This presentation should provide details for the advantages that your health care facility and its personnel will experience with the adoption of the Meaningful Use Standards of an electronic health record (EHR).


CMS. (2012). Stage 1 vs. stage 2 comparison table for eligible hospitals and CAHs. Retrieved from

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