1. The first paragraph only, should provide an overview of the article’s content.
  2. Identify the communication type(s) and/or channel(s) that are problematic.
  3. Examine both you and your partner’s thoughts as they relate to this article’s legalities.
  4. Define the ethical breeches that have occurred and how these relate to business.
  5. Identify business communication processes that could have prevented this situation.
  6. Conclude with a summary of how this information is important to students.
  7. Don’t forget to add formal constructs to the document (i.e., citations, references, formats, etc.).

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Article below:


Silicon Valley Investor Resigns After Harassment Allegations


This article profiles a co-founder of an Internet-based company who based on a social media statement he made, was forced to resign. The article depicts position in the business world and the carelessness of making statements on social media. 


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