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Assignment 1


SEE-I Ch. 5 – Chapter 5 Lecture Slides – CLASS BOOK HERE – (Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13)

File Types pdf; and doc

The poor listening habit I most often engage in is ____. To overcome this poor listening habit I can practice the better listening by…

For information regarding how to write a SEE-I please see the handout – located here.


Assignment 2


Chapter 5 Discussion – Video Response – (Video Links Below)

After reading the textbook chapter, reviewing the lecture material, and watching the chapter video, answer the following prompts in your discussion posts:

  1. Which of the listening styles described in Chapter 5 do you use?
  2. Does your listening style change in various situations, or do you use the same style most or all of the time?
  3. What are the consequences (beneficial and harmful) of the listening styles you use?
  4. How could you adapt your listening style to be more effective (use the tips from the Ted Talk video for help in answering)

Your response should be 1-2 paragraphs (4-8 sentences) in length.


Chapter 5 Video Lecture (29 minutes)10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation (11:45 minutes)

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