The Legal Profession and Legal Services

Discuss the various forms of funding for legal services in England and Wales, in light of the following:


any ethical complications that may arise from their use; and

the potential for technological innovations to compensate for lack of funding.


Word Limit: 1500 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography.





Font:                                       Arial

Font size:                               12

Spacing:                                1.5

Sections/Headings:              Permitted.

Referencing:                         Numeric, i.e., citation by footnote; OSCOLA style recommended; see the 2012 guide (

Bibliography:                         Compulsory; un-annotated.

Word limit discretion:           10% under or over.



Each assignment must be fully referenced (see style guide) and accompanied by a full and accurate bibliography of sources relied upon. Note that footnotes are different from the bibliographical list that you will incorporate at the end of your essay. Both are essential for an academic essay.


Assessment Criteria


Identification of the principles and concepts involved. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses underlying these concepts and ability to analyse and communicate the principles and concepts recognising competing perspectives. Evidence of logical argument and use of appropriate examples, (LO2)


Research: Ability to collect information from a variety of authoritative sources, both legal and extra-legal, and ability to synthesis and assess the significance of the information collected (LO4)



Ability to elucidate arguments/points in a succinct manner, including appropriate use of legal terminology and ability to reference work correctly. (LO5)

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