Soap and other detergents industry

1. Perform basic INDUSTRY research and look for issues by following the PESTEL model’s major categories. Outline at least 3 major issues for EACH of the PESTEL categories that affect the industry in which the firm you chose in Part 1 competes. Describe each and support your
statements (note: this is an INDUSTRY analysis, not a company analysis. It should be several pages, at least).
2. Using this information, list at least 5 Opportunities and 5 Threats that would apply to the majority of the companies in your firm’s industry (note: If you provide and opportunity that is worded as though it is something your firm can do, your answer is completely incorrect and I will not grade it. Just because a company says that it is an opportunity for them does not make it an opportunity.)

Part 2
1. Based on information from the annual report and/or 10K, how would you describe the firm’s current financial condition? (Hint: Normally, one would use financial ratios and other pertinent income and balance sheet data to support an analysis. However, because many of you have not had any financial analysis courses in your educational program, it is acceptable to stick with those that are being reported by the company you are reporting on, or those that are reported by the industry. Remember, in Part II you research the competitors, so you should still have their information readily at hand. Make sure you discuss Net Income, and at least 2 other ratios reported by industry analysts or other competitors. If you don’t know how to calculate one of the ratios, you should be able to Google it fairly easily.).
2. Based on the information you have for your firm, plus what you have for that firm’s competitors, outline the forces present in the Porters Five Forces model and describe whether each force is weak, moderate, or strong. (support your answer with at least one paragraph per force).
3. Finally, compare what you know about your firm to what you know about the other firms in the industry (i.e. the competitors) and describe at least 5 Strengths and 5 Weaknesses that apply to your firm in particular.

Part 3
Based on your analyses thus far;
1. Revise your firm’s STATED mission and vision so that they better suit your firm’s ACTUAL mission and vision. Provide a logical explanation as to why you did this.
2. Perform a basic SWOT analysis, as I outlined in the video lecture recorded on November 1st. You should provide a list of at LEAST 2 or 3 of each of the 4 types of strategic choices (SO, ST, WO, and WT), with at least a full sentence or two of explanation for each of them.
3. Plainly restate your firm’s current business strategies and strategic objectives (hint. This is normally given in the annual report documents and you should have found it in Part I). Based on your SWOT analysis, along with the revised mission and vision statements you just created, what changes would you recommend and why? (support your answer).


Company – Procter & Gamble
NAICS – 325611
Ticker (Stock Exchange) – PG (NYSE)
Revenue – $65,299,000,000
Industry – Soap and other detergents        

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