Module 5


Using the PDF from Module 5, please select 2 commonly used/accepted personality assessments from the list provided. Use the items in bold below as the section heading of a brief essay (1-2 pages) discussing…

  • the Reliability of each assessment
  • the Validity of each assessment
  • and your Perspective on which of these two assessments you would select for use in a personality research study involving 1000 students at KSU, or your peers in metro Atlanta, and why

Assignment Rubric [45 total points available]:

  1. Alignment of content with assignment topic and elements [0-15 points]
  2. Formatting/Layout/Flow of your work: an organized presentation of material and a smooth flow of content to enhance the reader’s engagement [0-10 points]
  3. Demonstrating college-level writing skills: see course menu item on Writing Resources [0-10 points]
  4. In-text citations and Reference(s) listed in APA 7th edition format: see APA reference information under START HERE course tab and Writing Resources menu item [0-10 points]

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