Funding Proposal

Using the health care law or policy you researched for this week’s learning activity (see the “Can There Be Political Common Ground for Improving Population Health?” link under the learning activities section), create a proposal or presentation for continued funding of a related program.


Create two separate proposals advocating for continued funding of the same issue/program, one that addresses liberal viewpoints and one that addresses conservative viewpoints.

Convince each group that continued funding is essential to the well-being of its recipients.


Address the following in each proposal:

  • The party platform principles
  • How the program advances the party agenda
  • Program data related to target population outcomes


Format your proposals as one of the following:

  • 875-word paper


APA format reference page with 3 peer reviewed scholarly articles within the past 5 years


Materials Needed:


Kindig, D. A. (2015). Can there be political common ground for improving population health? The Milbank Quarterly93(1), 24–27.

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