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Write a brief paragraph, explaining what your topic is and why you are interested in researching it. Be as specific as possible


Propose 5 focused questions or queries that you want your research to answer. Each sentence or question should be, effectively, a potential topic sentence for each paragraph in your essay.


Choose two articles and present a proper APA reference plus an Annotated Bibliography – a summary of the article – for each source. (It should be indented 3 spaces from the hanging indent.) Watch the Annotated Bibliography video and follow the example below. [Please delete these two examples when you submit your work.]

This one is correctly formatted with hanging indents:

Debrett, P. & Monkton, S. (2012). Autism in immigrant children in Ontario. Autism Studies, 22(3), 264-267. Retrieved from https://autismstudies.org/2012/debmonk.htm.

This article describes the rise of autism in Ontario among immigrant children from 2005 to 2010. It is written by… keep going, keep going.


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