Reflect and evaluate upon the applicability of several models of team working with the exception of Tuchman from a clinical practice. Consider the process involved in the formation go groups and teams, and analyse how an individual characteristics can impact on team working. This can be a positive impact or a negative impact.

Reflective information:

Clinical situation – As a student paramedic I was involved with a sepsis child which was caused by female mutilation. My crew member (male) during the situation I felt was not compassionate, lacked empathy and was ignorant of the “assault” that had taken place. I wanted to record the child as vulnerable, inform police and social worker. My crew mate made the over riding decision to take the child to hospital and not log the event and said that the hospital can deal with it. There were other child female members within the same household. I was very upset at this, as I knew that we had a responsibility to report this, his long term 30 years in the service felt that he had better decision making. This did put a strain on the relationship as I felt my professional estimations for this individual has been decreased and found myself questioning all his clinical decisions. I did notify the nursing staff at hospital regarding the situation and expressed my concerns. 

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