Reflection in healthcare is the act of focused contemplation on a situation or event in practice. The assignment is a (1750 word) piece of writing in which you are required to reflect upon the OSCE you carried out with a fictitious service user, and to look at how this learning will contribute to your ongoing development. Within this piece of work you must consider assessment in mental health nursing but also communication and your own growing self-awareness.

The client hasn’t completed the OSCE yet, but thy have attached the scenario this is to be based on, Scenario.docxolanrewaju.%281%29exam.docx. Within the OSCE the service user’s mental health will be considered in a person-centered manner and utilising bio-psycho-social perspective.

The reflection is based on the clients course / their learning. 

Information about the clients module: 

This module will explore the nature of mental illness and mental health nursing practice within a biopsychosocial, cultural and historical context. Students will be asked to identify and explore both the purpose and process of assessment and care planning with people using mental health services. The module intends to challenge students pre-existing values, beliefs and opinions and aims to facilitate the development of core principles that support a philosophy of recovery led and service user focused care across the lifespan.

The module is designed to be accessed through either face-to-face or work-based learning delivery patterns. This module will be assessed via an Objective Structured Clinical Examination, with a 1750 word reflection on lessons learned from this. Students will experience a placement in a practice setting within which practice competencies will form the basis for development and assessment.

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