Reflect upon a current or previous organization, and consider the organizational mission, vision, and values, as well as the organizational culture and leadership practices.

Quotation Exercise

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Peggy Orenstein “What’s Wrong with Cinderella?” pages 511-518

1. Quote the fourth/last sentence in paragraph 10. The paragraph begins “More to the point . . .”

2. Quote paragraph 54, which begins “I considered her . . .”

3. Quote the first sentence in paragraph 45, which begins “As I browsed . . .” and omit the dash and all the words after the dash.

4. Quote the first sentence in paragraph 29 and explain the pronoun (they) reference. Paragraph 29 begins “What’s more . . .”

5. Quote the second sentence in paragraph 15. The paragraph begins “It is also . . .”


6. Quote the last two sentences in paragraph 30, which belong to Lyn Mikel Brown.

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