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All instructions are in attachment

Please watch this Video:

Video is from The Guardian: London News: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/video/2015/sep/17/ai-weiwei-anish-kapoor-walk-london-solidarity-refugees-video

  • Find a piece of INTERNATIONAL Art on the Internet from each of these 2 artists. Anish Kapoor, from India, and Ai Weiwei, from China, representing 2 of the World’s Great Cultures on an International level as Leaders of a Future that is “inclusive”
  • Please research and present a 6 line paragraph in a brief bio about each of the 2 artists.
  • Then comment on their solution to the refugee problem that has emerged in Europe.Express your own point of view. Do you agree/disagree with the points they make to support their solution. Please give me a 9 line paragraph on this subject.Make sure to connect it to the Title and Purpose of thisChapter: FOOD & SHELTER(15 points total)

(2 images @ 5 points each and 2 INFO lists @ 5 each = 20 points total)

(2 paragraphs @ 7.5 points each = total 15 points)

PART 2 :

Then this photo hit the news.

Alyan Kurdi


And then this.

AI Weiwei


This is how ARTISTS are involved with what is happening in the world. It requires a lot of Courage to do/make these things, mostly because they are very controversial. Read this article about the Controversy surrounding this piece of Protest Art on behalf of the Syrian Refugees.

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