The references should be from official articles , Journals and books. NOT allowed to ues normal website and Wikipedia. The reference style should be APA 6th edition and thr paragraphs should be coherent. Submition will be through turnitin.

The Case study

You are working as a radiographer performing mobile chest examinations in the intensive care unit. You are asked to perform a mobile chest examination on a patient who is of indigenous descent. The patient weighs 145kg, and is unconscious and mechanically ventilated. The patient is MRSA positive. He is lying in a slightly oblique position, and needs to be straightened and moved up the bed for your examination. The nurse looking after him refuses to help you because she is pregnant.


From your previous clinical placement experience, and the knowledge you have gained from university, describe how you would get the patient in the correct position that you need for this examination. Your answer must include consideration of communication principles, manual handling and biomechanics, infection control, radiation safety and professional teamwork. You must include the rationale and reasoning for each of your decisions in your answer.


Introduction to the main issues of the case and their importance. 
-Discussion of principles to be considered in positioning the patient
(communication, manual handling, infection control, radiation safety,
professional teamwork) and the rationale of each. 
-Comparison and discussion of differences between how this situation would be handled in the clinical environment versus theoretical studies learnt at university
– Referencing demonstrates broad reading and depth of understanding

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