Quality is not simply the responsibility of an organization’s quality officer; patient safety is not simply the responsibility of the patient safety officer. Persons in these roles may be expert resources for providing information and helping managers understand, select, and implement tactics, interventions, and methods. The responsibility for ensuring quality and safe outcomes for patients, customers, stakeholders, and employees lies with those who determine how and what organizational objectives are set; how human, fiscal, material, and intellectual resources are secured, allocated, used, and preserved; and how activities in the organization are designed, carried out, coordinated, and improved. In our organization – we are committed to ensure we become a Highly Reliable Organization.  While Quality is the facilitator of quality outcomes we expect every department to submit QA data to our quality department. We also make it very clear that while quality facilitates outcomes we hold nursing accountable to ensure 100% compliance with core measures and infection data. We believe these are nurse sensitive indicators. Nursing is to develop an action plan, timeline, and follow up should they have any outliers.

Tell us how you involve other disciplines to ensure quality care in your organization?

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