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Consider This activity is based upon a qualitative methods dissertation. In this task, you will read and analyze the research methodology employed by the researcher. You will not read the entire dissertation.

  • Read Chapter 3. of the dissertation attached below
  • Pay particular attention to the elements of qualitative research that are presented in Creswell Chapter 10. You will find that this study is very nicely designed and very thoroughly reported and is a good example of a qualitative study.

Respond to the following: Creswell provides a number of characteristics of qualitative research. Locate evidence that this dissertation contains these characteristics. Provide a brief summary/description (1 – 3 sentences) demonstrating how each item is reflected in the dissertation. Indicate page number(s) where these are found. Note: You many not find each and every one of these. Respond to any 8 of these 13 items.

  • Natural setting
  • Researcher as instrument
  • Multiple sources of data
  • Inductive and deductive data analysis
  • Participants’ meanings
  • Emergent design
  • Reflexivity
  • Holistic account
  • Gatekeepers
  • Purposeful selection of research site and participants
  • Data collection: observation, interview, documents, audio/visual materials
  • Data analysis: organizing, coding, describing, interpreting
  • Validity and reliability: triangulation, member checking, rich/thick description


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