Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

Using notes from the lecture in class, please prepare a standard press kit to bring awareness to the RI community of a new course being launched at JWU. (This is the “hot news”!) The professor teaching the course will be you.

Please note this is intended to be an “aspirational” assignment.As a result you should be writing about yourself 15-20 years in the future.Within that timeframe you have attained a very successful career, thus resulting in your decision to return to JWU (either as an Adjunct or Full-time faculty member) to lend your expertise to the students.

Please choose a topic related to the hospitality industry. You must include the follow three parts:

1. Biography (with photo) – Please note this is drafted from a third-party perspective

2. Fact Sheet (key information about the new course)

3. Press Release (regarding the “hot news” – i.e. JWU launching an exciting new course)

Some examples of new courses done in the past:

Reducing Employee Turnover

Diversity in the Workplace

Sports Broadcasting

Global Marketing

Wedding Décor & Planning

Event Marketing & PR

Planning & Production of Extreme Sports

I will include my user and password to my school account when assigned a writer. This might help with the assignment,

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