B8BU102 Project Management &
CA2 Requirement Answer all 5 questions
You are required to research the Eircode project (http://www.eircode.ie) and based on
information there and from the Department of Communications
(http://www.dcenr.gov.ie/Communications/Postal/Postcodes.htm) and any other relevant
sources of your choice, you are to prepare an outline project plan for the establishment of
a postcode system for Ireland in accordance with the following guidelines.
Your project plans should, as a minimum, include the following:
1. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to include up to twenty relevant activities on three
levels. There should be a rationale provided for each of the activities and each activity
must an estimated duration.
2. A dependency (predecessor) table based on the WBS
3. An Activity on Node network diagram based on (2) above, with forward and backward
pass, and highlighting the critical path(s);
4. A risk assessment with more than eight and less than ten identifiable risks. There should
be a Rationale provided for each of the identified risks.
(Note: there does not appear to be a published risk assessment available as of
January 2017 so
you are required to devise one).
5. A stakeholder analysis with ten identifiable stakeholders. The analysis should include
one or more stakeholder mapping exercises of your choice. There should be a rationale
provided for the inclusion of each of the stakeholders.
The word limit for this assignment is 3,500 words (+/‐ 10%).
You may decide on the form the report takes i.e. the use of tables, figures etc. or
text, but it must not exceed
3,500 words. (100% of available marks)
In calculating the length of your response the following are to be excluded from the word
count: the cover sheet, executive summary, contents page, reference list and appendices.
In‐‐‐text references and the content of tables are to be included in the word length. You
should not attempt to sidestep the word length, for example by excessive use of diagram
labels or hyphenation. This means that words in diagram formats, e.g. .jpg, are included in
your word count.
Note: The marking will reflect the overall assignment. Each of the six headings
should be addressed but they are not marked separately.
Credit by way of marks will be given for an innovative approach and/or complexity in
respect of the WBS, the network, the risk analysis, the stakeholder analysis, particularly
with regard to the use of relevant PM tools and techniques.
Assignment Instructions
1.Please do not use plastic or other form of binding, a single staple is sufficient.
2. IMPORTANT: You must retain a copy of your assignment and produce it to the academic or
management team if requested to do so.
3. Your assignments should be grounded in in an appropriate theoretical framework and
s h o w evidence of comprehensive research into the subject matter. You should draw on concepts
and theories discussed in project management literature sources to support your analysis and
justify your critical factors and recommendations
4. All sources of information must be referenced, using a suitable referencing convention, such as
Harvard Referencing System, [see section 808.66 within DBS Library for more information] and
included in a bibliography.
5. Each student must upload onto Moodle the report prior to the start of class on the due date (3rd
April 2017). Additionally each student is required to submit a printed copy of the assignment report
to the lecturer prior to the submission deadline.
Helpful Assignment Hints:
To achieve a top grade of 70% plus an assignment must be well structured and logically developed
with concise and comprehensive identification of the issues. It will express original reasoned
arguments and demonstrate critical thinking based on clear insight, knowledge, and understanding
by reviewing and critiquing a wide range of appropriate material.
A very good assignment scoring between 60‐‐‐69% will respond directly to the question with a clear
and convincing argument. Will demonstrate an awareness of the issues involved in the question
and blends conceptual awareness with reference to research sources and appropriate examples. It
will be coherently organised, contain discussion and analysis rather than description or narration.
A poorly developed assignment, scoring less than 50% could show some awareness of the
relevant material and subject matter but does not demonstrate a sufficient depth of understanding
and / or is limited in the extent to which assumptions, theories and beliefs are challenged

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